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Babikian Healthcare Products

Babikian Healthcare Products offers hand sanitizers intended for use in both healthcare and community establishments. The company puts great importance in the use of certified and high-quality raw materials. The completion of numerous tests have made it possible to ensure the effectiveness, harmless nature and anti-allergic properties of these disinfectants. They are confirmed safe for frequent use, as a result of the high-quality raw materials utilized within the sanitizers. In addition to being highly-effective, the formula also ensures that the skin is not left dry after contact with the disinfectant. Scientific approaches, innovation, and of course safety are high priorities for BHP. Having international cooperation and a high attentional to detail, Babikian Healthcare Products offers products that meet the international quality standards. Our product has passed the laboratory examinations at the “Scientific Research Institute of Disinfectants” («Научно-исследовательский институт дезинфектологии») and has a state registration certificate from the “RosPotrebNadzor” («РосПотребНадзор»). This certification confirms that the product does indeed meet all the standards required to being used in hospitals and healthcare facilities. In addition, the company will soon receive the following international certificates: IOS (International Organization for Standardization) which certifies that the organization’s management system, production and documentation process, and services meet all the requirements of standardization and quality assurance; and the TUV (Technischer Uberwachungsverein) Certification, which certifies that the product has been tested for safety and meets the minimum requirements of the German Machinery and Production Safety Act. We recognize the extreme importance of hand disinfection in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. The company is confident that due to honest and knowledge-based work it is possible to achieve significant results. After all, health is in our hands!

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Our prior goals are:

  • Advancing the culture of hygiene and disinfection in Armenia.
  • Establishing production in accord with international quality standards.
  • Promoting economic growth in the country.
  • Creating jobs that provide safe working conditions, healthy work environment and promote personal growth opportunities for each employee.

And finally:

  • Making “Babikian Healthcare Products” and “hygiene” synonymous to one another.

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